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Growing up with perinatal HIV: changes in clinical outcomes before and after transfer to adult care in the UK. Judd A, Collins I, Parrott F, Hill T, Jose S, Ford D, Asad H, Gibb D and Sabin C. J Int AIDS Soc, 2017 May 16, Volume 20, Issue Suppl 3, p.71-80, (2017)
Durability of viral suppression with first-line antiretroviral therapy in patients with HIV in the UK: an observational cohort study. O'Connor J, Smith C, Lampe F, Johnson M, Chadwick D, Nelson M, Dunn D, Winston A, Post F, Sabin C et al. Lancet HIV, 2017 May 04, (2017)
Association between engagement in-care and mortality in HIV-positive persons. Sabin C, Howarth A, Jose S, Hill T, Apea V, Morris S and Burns F. AIDS, 2017 Mar 13, Volume 31, Issue 5, p.653-660, (2017)
Reference curves for CD4 T-cell count response to combination antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-infected treatment-naïve patients. Bouteloup V, Sabin C, Mocroft A, Gras L, Pantazis N, Le Moing V, Monforte A, Mary-Krause M, Roca B, Miro J et al. HIV Med, 2017 Jan, Volume 18, Issue 1, p.33-44, (2017)
Improved kidney function in patients who switch their protease inhibitor from atazanavir or lopinavir to darunavir. Jose S, Nelson M, Phillips A, Chadwick D, Trevelion R, Jones R, Williams D, Hamzah L, Sabin C and Post F. AIDS, 2017 Feb 20, Volume 31, Issue 4, p.485-492, (2017)
A tale of two countries: all-cause mortality among people living with HIV and receiving combination antiretroviral therapy in the UK and Canada. Patterson S, Jose S, Samji H, Cescon A, Ding E, Zhu J, Anderson J, Burchell A, Cooper C, Hill T et al. HIV Med, 2017 Apr 24, (2017)
Cirrhosis and liver transplantation in patients co-infected with HIV and hepatitis B or C: an observational cohort study. Warren-Gash C, Childs K, Thornton A, Bhagani S, Demma S, Srivastava A, Leen C, Agarwal K, Rodger A and Sabin C. Infection, 2017 Apr, Volume 45, Issue 2, p.215-220, (2017)
Development and application of a new measure of engagement in out-patient HIV care. Howarth A, Burns F, Apea V, Jose S, Hill T, Delpech V, Evans A, Mercer C, Michie S, Morris S et al. HIV Med, 2017 Apr, Volume 18, Issue 4, p.267-274, (2017)
Chronic Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection and Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in HIV-Infected Patients: A Cohort Study. Wang Q, De Luca A, Smith C, Zangerle R, Sambatakou H, Bonnet F, Smit C, Schommers P, Thornton A, Berenguer J et al. Ann Intern Med, 2017 01 03, Volume 166, Issue 1, p.9-17, (2017)
Factors associated with rapid eGFR decline in patients receiving TDF and/or ATV. Hamzah L, Jose S, Jones R, Williams D, Chadwick D, Phillips A, Sabin C and Post F. CROI 2017, Volume Top Antivir Med. 2017;25(supp 1):273s, p.Abstract 650 Poster, (2017)
A time-updated continuum of care in a UK cohort Howarth A, Hill T, Burns F, Sabin C, Jose S and Delpech V. 23nd Annual Conference of the British HIV Association (BHIVA), Volume HIV Medicine, 18 (Suppl. S1), 3–13, p.Oral O15, (2017)
Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and mortality among HIV-positive individuals. Thornton A, Jose S, Bhagani S, Chadwick D, Dunn D, Gilson R, Main J, Nelson M, Rodger A, Taylor C et al. AIDS, Volume 31, p.2525-32, (2017)
REACH: a mixed-methods study to investigate the measurement, prediction and improvement of retention and engagement in outpatient HIV care. Howarth A, Apea V, Michie S, Morris S, Sachikonye M, Mercer C, Evans A, Delpech V, Sabin C and Burns F. Health Services and Delivery Research, Volume 5, Issue 13, (2017)
No Evidence That HIV-1 Subtype C Infection Compromises the Efficacy of Tenofovir-Containing Regimens: Cohort Study in the United Kingdom. White E, Smit E, Churchill D, Collins S, Booth C, Tostevin A, Sabin C, Pillay D and Dunn D. J Infect Dis, 2016 Nov 01, Volume 214, Issue 9, p.1302-1308, (2016)
Can Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Direct-Acting Antiviral Treatment as Prevention Reverse the HCV Epidemic Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United Kingdom? Epidemiological and Modeling Insights. Martin N, Thornton A, Hickman M, Sabin C, Nelson M, Cooke G, Martin T, Delpech V, Ruf M, Price H et al. Clin Infect Dis, 2016 May 01, Volume 62, Issue 9, p.1072-1080, (2016)
Virological failure and development of new resistance mutations according to CD4 count at combination antiretroviral therapy initiation. Jose S, Quinn K, Dunn D, Cox A, Sabin C and Fidler S. HIV Med, 2016 May, Volume 17, Issue 5, p.368-72, (2016)
Improved darunavir genotypic mutation score predicting treatment response for patients infected with HIV-1 subtype B and non-subtype B receiving a salvage regimen. De Luca A, Flandre P, Dunn D, Zazzi M, Wensing A, Santoro M, Günthard H, Wittkop L, Kordossis T, García F et al. J Antimicrob Chemother, 2016 May, Volume 71, Issue 5, p.1352-60, (2016)
Host and disease factors are associated with cognitive function in European HIV-infected adults prior to initiation of antiretroviral therapy. Winston A, Stöhr W, Antinori A, Arenas-Pinto A, Llibre J, Amieva H, Cabié A, Williams I, Di Perri G, Tellez M et al. HIV Med, 2016 Jun, Volume 17, Issue 6, p.471-8, (2016)
Predicting virological decay in patients starting combination antiretroviral therapy. . AIDS, 2016 Jul 17, Volume 30, Issue 11, p.1817-27, (2016)
Mortality of treated HIV-1 positive individuals according to viral subtype in Europe and Canada: collaborative cohort analysis. . AIDS, 2016 Jan 28, Volume 30, Issue 3, p.503-13, (2016)
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of HIV-associated immune complex kidney disease. Booth J, Hamzah L, Jose S, Horsfield C, O'Donnell P, McAdoo S, Kumar E, Turner-Stokes T, Khatib N, Das P et al. Nephrol Dial Transplant, 2016 Dec, Volume 31, Issue 12, p.2099-2107, (2016)