Study Collaborations

The UK CHIC Study collaborates (or has previously collaborated) with the following HIV observational cohort studies and related projects:

Current Collaborations

The UK HIV Drug Resistance Database (HDRD)
A repository for HIV drug resistance tests performed as part of routine clinical care throughout the UK. The nucleotide sequence data from the tests are linked to clinical data in UK CHIC
UK Register of HIV Seroconverters
UK CHIC provides follow-up data to the UK Register of HIV seroconverters, which is a part of the CASCADE Collaboration
Collaborative HIV Paediatric Study (CHIPS)
Information in CHIPS is linked to UK CHIC to provide longitudinal clinical data from paediatric through to adult HIV care
The National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood (NSHPC)
Information in the NSHPC database is linked to UK CHIC to augment the HIV clinical data available in the separate cohorts
The ART Cohort Collaboration (ARTCC)
UK CHIC provides an independent dataset in which to validate findings
The Canadian HIV Observational Cohort (CANOC) Collaborative Research Centre
CANOC focuses on HIV health services and epidemiologic cohort research

Previous Collaborations

The Collaboration of Observational HIV Epidemiological Research in Europe (COHERE) project
Data from UK CHIC contributed to the COHERE project
DHICE Initiative (Databases for HIV: Integration, Collaboration, Engagement)
The DHICE Initiative was a project that aimed to improve collaborative working practice between different HIV cohort studies in the UK